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Is it just me...

Or does Ego's voice in this sound like the guy from Reservoir Dogs?

Anyway, a great flash well animated and voiced. Funny, too.


Good animation, excellent audio, funny, and most of all it's prophetic! It tells the future!

Q: How could it be better?
A: I've never been one to fuck with the oracle.

Not my kinda thing.

I can see why people WOULD like it, with the complete randomness and all that jazz, but I just didn't.

I felt the animation was lazy and poor quality, the dialog was incomprehensible, the story left a lot to be desired, and the excessive swearing gave it a childish and cheap quality to it.

How could it be better?
- More effort into the animation
- Understandable words
- Tone down on the swearing.

Mechabloby responds:

haha, nice review: all the reviews I've been given that are negative have been shit. I give kudos to you for not being tempted to write such a shitty review, thanks man. Glad you took the time to review it properly.

I admit that the movie is in bad taste, really, but that's because my original idea I had in mind just got a bit too stressful for me, so, in the end, I just made up this pile of juice in half an hour or so.


An absolute masterpiece! The subtle textures and the plot were intriguing and the HAPPY GILMORE reference was awesome.


I hereby declare it awesome.

Doberman responds:

flashplayer5 is gay.


Given the fact that it's old as hell, i think it's pretty good.

There's no plot, but this isn't exactly the kind of thing that really needs one, so that's excusable.

The starting menu was good even by today's standards, even if the music was annoying, as was the other music. The FX (eg police radio, engine sounds) were really good, among the better half of what I've seen.

So overall a decent flash given the age, but needs some work in the music departments.

My god....

Graphically speaking this is one of, if not the best flash movie I've ever seen. The framerate was higher than heaven itself so God only know how long it took, showing a dedicated artist. The colours were bright and attention grabbing, yet they somehow added a professional edge to it that made it awesome.

Just on a quick sidenote, this if the only flash, barring the tankmen series, that has made me physically lol. My parents are calling the police now to have me committed.

Thank you for the time, dedication, and the lolz, Mr.Phillips.

loved it.

I gotta say i loved it and it made me laugh, but maybe make the voices a bit better?

Good, but...

Whilst the animation was undoubtedly good, excellent in fact, I was thinking it could be better if you made it a little more like the actual characters instead of making them appear more human. But just because I wasn't a fan of the animation doesn't mean it wasn't extrordinary.
the story was also brilliant, and the Tom/ Justin Timberlake scene had me laughing my head off.
10/10 & 5/5


I gotta say, I wasn't expecting that...
But it was good, and even though it was funny, I saw that you have the ability to make a sad scene as well as funny, you should consider doing a serious flash.

Wonchop responds:

Indeed. I just never have the willpower. T_T

obligatory review title

I loved it, the characters and scenery were among the best I've seen, the idea strikes a chord with my life right now (get up at7, get ready for school, school, rest, repeat), and the song really carried the movie well.

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