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A very good game/interactive movie thingie, well voiced, animated, and written. Only problem is that it's perhaps a little repetitive - that said I can't see how else it could have been done.


Fantastic animation, fantastic atmosphere, fantastic responsiveness. No possible room for improvement, really.

i especially liked the custom match mode, so many variables!


Pretty damn good!

The animation was flawless and smooth, the sound wasn't even remotely annoying and the enemies were fun, original, hard enough to provide a challenge yet easy enough to make it fun.

How could it be better?
- Perhaps make the ammo for the additional weapons a little easier to get your hands on.


I'm going to be honest here, this is not one of the best games I've played.

The game select menu was functional, yet strangely lackluster, which is a theme I found throughout the games.

The shooting game was a decent idea badly executed. The targets all came out of the same places at the same time, and when I played, I had no idea I was hitting anything because there were no gunshots, no holes in the target, nothing happened.

When I got to the end I was told "well done, you hit 38 targets". Is that it? No reward? No grade? Is that good or bad?

"Copter Chaos"
Again, no reward for hitting X amount of prisoners. The game confused me a little because nothing happened when I hit them. There was no background, just badly animated people running around a white background.

"Car Chase"
Well for starters there's no car chase involved, the graphics were, again, bad. Once more there were no reactions when I hit something, and no reward. It was too short as well, more tme would be nice.

- Sound FX for the guns and vehicles
- A grading system for scores
- Better graphics
- Different music
- Varied target locations
- Reactions from targets

Other than that, it's okay.

Not a bad idea...

Bit more work and maybe more options and you're golden!


This is...unique, with a decent concept. The graphics and sound are excellent and the gameplay is involving, if a little sluggish.

Well done.


The concept was unique, I give you that. This must be the first "Belt sim" on NG!...and maybe the only one too.

The graphics were decent, nothing special, but not bad either. The gameplay was a novelty experience, not something I'd come back to, but still good.

Although this may only appeal to someone who's actually worked one of these machines, it's still a decent game with its quirks.

What's OSHA by the way?


I love the city-to-city idea, makes it different from the others. The zombies, I'm glad to see, are varied in design and characteristics. The idea of searching for survivors is also unique.

I didn't like how difficult the zombies were to kill. I appreciate that it may sound like a rant from someone who just lost, but I found that even a shotgun blast to the head won't take the fat ones down, so yeah, if you make a LS3, maybe make the zombies less bulletproof.

hahah, nice.

Gave me a good laugh, and that's really all i asked for, but maybe make it a bit better graphics-wise?

Phil responds:



I gotta say, that's probably one of the best tower defence games out there! It's solid, flows well, and the use of NG characters gives it an interesting twist.

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